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CONCORDIA Tsat Sing Kong


CONCORDIA Tsat Sing Kong is a Transitional Housing Project under construction, which is located at 128 Kam Tai Road, Yuen Long, near Tsat Sing Kong Tsuen and Kai Kung Leng. The project is comprised of 14 four-storey domestic blocks, providing approximately 900 units (1 person units, 2 person units, 3 person units, 4 person units and barrier-free units included) for 2,000 residents. Each unit will include a bathroom and cooking area.

Laundromat, convenience store, recreation space, hobby farm, and social service etc. will also be provided by the project.

CONCORDIA Tsat Sing Kong targets people who have been queuing for public housing for three years or more, or who are currently living in inadequate housing with imminent needs. The 4th quarter of 2023 will be the expected occupancy date. The temporary residence fee is approximately HK$2,100 to HK$3,700 per month which includes property management fees and rates.



By sharing the household items and various resources, the tenants are encouraged to share their daily necessities with each other, so as to foster and encourage the spirit of mutual help among them.

Community support service

By exploring different social resources and services, we can improve the connection between the tenants and the community, so that the tenants can develop their community support network in the duration of stay in our transitional housing.



Tel/WhatsApp:9149 8249
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Address:128 Kam Tai Road, Yuen Long

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