Lutheran School Social Work Unit


Our unit was established in 1979 to provide school social work service to secondary schools. The objectives of the service are to help students to solve their personal problems, make maximum use of their educational opportunities, develop their potentials to the fullest and prepare them for adulthood.


  1. To help students to develop their potentials to the fullest, to achieve healthy personal growth, to attain adequate and proper school education, to establish harmonious human relationship and to elicit their concern for the community;
  2. To help students with their personal, family and interpersonal relationship or schooling problems;
  3. To strengthen the linkage among students, families, the school and the community.


Secondary schools served by our unit.


Casework service:
help students to overcome their emotional, behavioral and relationship difficulties in schools and families through interview, home visit or other appropriate welfare services in the community, and when necessary, making referrals to other professionals for service;

Groups and programs:
help students to establish better self-understanding, develop their own potential and build up positive social values and attitude towards life through different groups and programs, e.g. interpersonal relationship group, remedial group, leadership training, adventure based training & peer counseling scheme;

Consultation service:
provide information to school personnel, students and parents on ways to address the needs of students and to give professional advice in school meetings, including Parent-Teacher Association meetings, student related committees’ and teachers’ meetings;

Coordination and mobilization of non-school-based community resources:
strengthen the linkage between the school and the community and to provide benefits to students and their families through mobilizing community resources, e.g. child & youth centre services, family life education service.

Service Hour

(1) At schools: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
(2) At office: Monday to Friday: 8:45 AM - 5:45 PM


Address:5/F., 89 Chung Hau Street, Homantin, Kln / 217-220, Podium Level, Mei Choi House, Block 44, Shek Kip Mei Estate, 121, Woh Chai Street, Sham Shui Po, Kln.
Telephone:2711 9131 / 2788 1920
Fax:2712 8990 / 2788 1930
Person In Charge:Mr.Lam Hin Ming

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