Family Counselling Centre - LCHKS


To provide professional counseling and parenting services through the integration of Christian faith and counseling service.
Supporting the pastoral care to families and consolidating marital relationship and parent education.


Individuals, couples, and families
Parents eager to learn family education


Personal counseling, marriage and family counseling
Premarital counseling/Growth-orientated marriage counseling
Parent-child relationship/Parent education seminars/training/courses Play Therapy

Opening/Service Hours

Monday to Friday (9:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.)

Evening interview service can be arranged at the time of appointment




Personal and family counselling services are charged as follows


(Calculated in 50 minutes per section)


Registered Counsellor


Monthly salary (charge per section)

Below HKD$10,000 (HKD$200)

HKD$10,000 -HKD$80000 (2% of monthly salary)

HKD$80000 ($1600)


Counselor in internship

A fee of HKD$50 per section


(Please call 24904000 at least three days in advance for all counselling services)


Address:Room 404, 31 Lo Tak Court, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel:2490 4000
Fax:2417 7001

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