Luen Wo Market Museum of Hong Kong Urban and Rural History


Revitalisation Luen Wo market as Luen Wo Market – House of Urban and Rural Living as Batch V of Revitalisation Scheme, Luen Wo Market facilitate urban and rural interaction through exhibition and public space, as a continuation of the essence of the original market.


Promote Local Agricultural

Provide reliable vegetables and farm products from accredited local farmers at a reasonable price and ensure the income of the local farmers.


Community stalls and outdoor bazaar

Set up community stalls to sell daily necessities and handicrafts, and organize weekend outdoor bazaar to sell traditional foods and crafts.


Job opportunity

Increase employment opportunities for residents in north district.


Historical Significance

Conducting historical research, oral history interview, photographic and cartographic records, to preserve the history of Luen Wo Market.


Address:No. 51 Luen Wo Road, Fanling, New Territories
Telephone:3103 3888
Person In Charge:Ms.Wong Shuk Fan

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