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※ Automatic Retina Image Analysis (ARIA) –Risk Index of Decline in Cognitive Health

※ Automatic Retina Image Analysis (ARIA) –Stroke Risk Level

※ Analysis of fundus photo – Preliminary assessment of retinal health

※ Comprehensive Eye Examination

※ Saliva Glucose Testing

※ Atrial Fibrillation Screening

※ Hearing Test



※ Health Talk

※ Clinical Psychological Service

※ Play for Elderly

※ Fitness Class


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Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service and HSBC Life jointly launch the “Eldercare Programme”

With the trend of aging population, the burden of the public healthcare system and also the concern about health issue of dementia among the elderly in Hong Kong. In order to further raise awareness of Primary Care and relieve the future burden of eldercare, HKLSS is honored to collaborate with HSBC Life to provide the “Automatic Retinal Image Analysis - eWMH Cognitive Health Risk, an assessment on the risk of cognitive impairment. Moreover, HSBC Life is sponsoring sensory toys from the Toy Library of HKLSS for elderly people, which will be placed in HKLSS elderly centers to support the community. We aims at raising awareness of primary care and advocating the important ideas of disease prevention throughout Hong Kong society. In addition, we are pleased to provide appropriate support to the communities in need.

Our Health Center for Primary Care in Tsuen Wan is providing the ARIA service. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact our staffs at 9355 3191.

HKLSS and HSBC Life Eldercare Programme


Address:Rm 1911, 19/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Telephone:9355 3191

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