Sun Chui Lutheran Centre for the Elderly


Since its establishment in 1985, Sun Chui Lutheran Centre for the Elderly beholds the idea of "Sense of belonging,  sense of security, sense of worthiness" in helping senior  to settle and prolong their stay in the community and providing best-matched supportive service for carers.

In meeting the growing needs of Hong Kong elders, our centre successfully transited into a neighborhood elderly centre in 2003 and implemented a number of new services, such as: carer support service, elder outreach service, small canteen service, etc.

In 2008, our centre was granted to rent three more service units from the Hong Kong Housing Authority so as to provide diverse and holistic elderly service.

In 2015, the facilities of the Centre were refreshed under the "Improvement Programme of Elderly Centres" (IPEC)


  • Enable the elders to live a healthy life in the community.
  • Assist the elders to remain in the community and to live a healthy, respectful and dignify live.
  • Encourage senior to have an active role in developing oneself through active participation in different experiences.
  • Actively expand senior volunteer program so as to develop a caring network in the community. 


  1. Elders persons aged 60 or above.
  2. Carers.
  3. Young old aged 50 or above.


No limit.


  • Case support service
  • Carers and elderly support service
  • Volunteer group and development
  • Outreach and community support network service
  • Resource referral and counseling service
  • Social and educational activities
  • Rehabilitation services and carers information enquiry services
  • Facilities service
  • Milk powder and rehabilitation supplies ordering services
  • Drop-in service
  • Young old services
  • Red Cross senior group
  • Elder academy
  • Long Term Care Services Assessment

Opening/Service Hours

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Sunday and public holiday: Closed


Membership fee: 25 per annual
Young old membership fee: 30 per annual


Address:Unit 19-22, G/F., Sun Wai House, Sun Chui Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Tel:2699 6283 / 2253 0082
Fax:2604 0723

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