Lutheran Family Life Education Unit (Shatin)


Lutheran Family Life Education Unit (Sha Tin) has been established since June 1993. Family life education is a form of community education, both preventive and developmental in nature. On the basis of Christ’s love, we provide diversified services and high quality programs to Sha Tin residents to raise the awareness of the public on the importance of family life as well as enhancing family harmony.


To enhance family functioning by helping the families fulfill the developmental tasks at different stages of the family life cycle, adapt to changes and cope with special needs and stresses.

To strengthen family relationship by enhancing family members\' self-understanding, helping them foster harmonious relationships with different members in the family, and assisting them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

To prevent family breakdown by equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills in coping with changing roles and demands in life, and developing a proper attitude towards their responsibilities in family.


Adolescents, Pre-marital Couples, Married Couples, Parents-to-be and Parent


Varied in different program


FLE is targeted at imparting proper knowledge, skills and attitude to the public concerning the developmental paths of the individual and his family in the form of talks, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, skill training and mass media programs etc. The programs in general cover the following contents:

  1. Basic human needs, growth and behavior, e.g. physical, social and psychological characteristics of each developmental stage;
  2. Human roles and relationships, e.g. marital relationship, parent-child relationship, parenthood and friendship;
  3. Sex education and responsibility in sex. E.g. Difference between the two sex, attitude towards sex, human reproduction and family planning; and
  4. Home management and health education, e.g. family budgeting, home safety and mental health.

Service Hour

Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday and public holidays: Closed
(Exclude invited talks and special programs)


Address:NO.23-31,G/F, Sun Kit House, Sun Chui Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Telephone:2697 3024
Fax:2692 6636
Person In Charge:Ms. Chan Ling Man

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