Lutheran Parents Hotline & Touch the Bug Hotline


Lutheran Parents Hotline
(Hotline Number:3622 1111)

It's not easy to be a good parent! Especially in the drastic changes society, there are heavy living pressures for the parent. They feel tired、confused and even have no chance to breathe!

Lutheran Parent Hotline was established in October 2006 by the Hong Kong Lutheran Church. It is the first 24-hour free interactive hotline. And it combines family life education, social service information and Christian evangelism which provides parents with a full range of physical, mind, spirit and parenting education.

Touch the Bug Hotline
(Hotline Number:2385 8555)

Touch the Bugs Hotline is a 24-hour free children's hotline. It has been working hard to develop children's physical, mind and spirit. It encourages children to recognize the gospel, allows the correct values to infiltrate the children's hearts, and cultivates good character and spirituality.



“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Lutheran Parents Hotline

We provide different support services for parents.

Touch the Bug Hotline

To develop children through evangelical work.




Lutheran Parents Hotline

Hong Kong parents

Touch the Bug Hotline

Children under 14 years of age


Lutheran Parents Hotline
  1. Counseling service Our service time is Monday to Friday 10 am to 12 noon and 4 to 6 in the afternoon. If parents have any parenting problems, they can call us at our service time.
  2. 24-hour telephone programs We have 7 channels programs about different topics, e.g. children’s voice, tips for parenting and religious messages.
  3. Proactive Care program We co-operate with primary and secondary schools in Lutheran Church. We also contact parents on our contact list and are concerned about their relationships with children and family problems.
Touch the Bug Hotline
  1. 24-hour telephone programs
    - 8 channels programs
    - We have some interesting, civil education and evangelical stories
    - Children solve their problems from their interaction with their messages
    - We answer children’s questions about religions problems
  2. Phone in programs For callers to talk to Christians, share their experiences and seek help. Our service time is Monday to Friday 4 to 6 in the afternoon.
  3. Evangelical dramas We perform evangelical dramas in church or primary schools.
  4. Civic education We give talks on civic education and health issues.
  5. Experiential broadcasting Children and youth can observe and learn story telling from experiential broadcasting.
  6. Broadcasting Training We have broadcasting training to offer children and family skills of telling stories. This program hosted by experienced worker.

Opening/Service Hours

Touch The Bugs Hotline

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm-6pm

Lutheran Parent Hotline

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am- 12nn
Tuesday, Thursday 4pm-6pm


Free of charge


Address:Rm 401, Lo Tak Court, Tsuen Wan, N.T. Holy Cross Lutheran School
Tel:2498 8399
Lutheran Parents Hotline: 3622 1111
Touch the Bug Hotline: 2385 8555
Fax:2498 9433

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