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HSBC Life – Fulfilling Eldercare Promise

 HSBC Life today announced the launch of a community support programme – “HSBC Life – Fulfilling Eldercare Promise” (the ‘Programme’) in collaboration with the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service (‘HKLSS’), benefiting 800 households with elderly suffering from dementia or mild cognitive impairment and 1,200 caregivers amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Edward Moncreiffe, HK Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Life, said,

“Hongkongers have been staying at home in observance of the prevailing social distancing regulations and most of us are experiencing disruption to our daily routines. This is especially true for our elderly citizens suffering from dementia, and their caregivers, who have been unable to maintain their much needed social interaction for quite some time. We remain deeply concerned about their health risks, physically and psychologically. Sharing the same vision and passion to do better in the field of eldercare, HSBC Life is pleased to join hands with HKLSS again to bring timely and practical solutions to a group of people who are often forgotten by the community at large.”


This latest Programme is a continuation of the HSBC Life Eldercare Programme introduced last year with the objective to raise awareness around dementia, encourage people to take preventive measures, support caregivers as well as mobilise public-private partnership to help relieve the current and future burden of eldercare. In view of the burgeoning issue of ageing, in May 2019, HSBC became the first bank in Hong Kong to launch a new dementia-friendly bank account.


Under the Programme, in addition to a Necessity Bag containing essential food items, basic toiletries and epidemic prevention materials, each eligible household will receive a Care Treasure Pack that gives access to online cognitive training modules designed to encourage interaction between the elderly with dementia and their caregivers with a view to promoting their physical and mental well-being. Activities such as cognitive training are common treatment modalities for people with dementia by helping delay their physical and cognitive decline. The interaction involved also helps improve their relationship with caregivers, relieve caring stress and ultimately enhance the quality of life for all. HKLSS has therefore developed five tailored online training modules covering a diverse range of topics from cognitive training toy, home exercise, horticulture therapy, DIY healthy snacks to hand-made epidemic prevention materials.


Dr Annissa Lui, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, said

HKLSS received a great deal of concerns from elderly dementia clients and their caregivers that they are facing shortages of daily necessities due to the pandemic. On the other hand, because of the social distancing regulations, elderly dementia clients are not able to come to our centres to practise cognitive exercises as they usually did. As HKLSS and HSBC Life share the same aspiration on improving eldercare, we are collaborating once again for the second consecutive year to provide support to elderly dementia clients and their caregivers. I am grateful for the benevolence of HSBC Life to help us address their needs. I sincerely hope the Programme will serve as a heartening support for them during the pandemic”


HKLSS will facilitate door-to-door delivery of both the Necessity Bag and the Care Treasure Pack for eligible clients and their caregivers, and provide follow up calls constantly to ensure their physical and mental wellness.


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