Lutheran Tea 2022 (Finished)

HKLSS' annual fund-raising campaign "Lutheran Tea 2022" starts from Ma...

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Media 01 report "Domestic helpers-Elderly Service"

"Happy Lutheran Band" of Shek Kip Mei Lutheran Centre for The Blind is established by the blinds and non-disabled person. They believe that public would understand more about the colour world of the builds by music. A previous days before, they have been interviewed by Community Youth Concert, a programme broadcasted by Putonghua Channel from RTHK. To listen the  programme, please click the link as below. (Chinese only)

The foreigners stay at Hong Kong to be a domestic helper is not that easy, they always have some difficulties to build up relationships with the employers because of the different cultures. HKLSS has established the programme "Domestic helpers-Elderly Service" for domestic helpers and the elderly. The programme aims at helping the domestic helpers and the elderly to build up the relationship, and reduce the conflicts. The Service user old lady Kam-Siu and the domestic helper Ar Lan have been interviewed by Media01. Please click the link as below to view the news report (Chinese Only)



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